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From Cody Frost to Hot Milk: Robyn Haycock on the best new music to check out now

Stone Broken drummer Robyn Haycock recommends the new bands filling her ears, including Cody Frost, Normandie and Like Machines…

From Cody Frost to Hot Milk: Robyn Haycock on the best new music to check out now
Robyn Haycock

Discovering new music is one of my weekly things to do and I'm one of those people who get obsessed over finding new songs. I'll play them literally to death. I love surrounding myself with music all the time, and when something grabs me and pulls me in I instantly get lost in it. The drumming is one of the main elements I look for, but I also go for the overall vibe and melody. If it all synchs up and gives me a happy feeling in my head, I'm all for it!

Cody Frost

I heard about Cody during lockdown. We actually share the same producer, Dan Weller, and as soon as I heard her voice I was instantly drawn in. She's got so much raw talent, her songs are fresh and exciting. I particularly love the song Verbal Warnings because it's got this cool sounding hook and her voice is incredible throughout it. Her whole look and aesthetic is amazing as well, and I just find her inspirational.


I discovered them when we were on tour. I listen to a lot of music in the back of the van as we drive from gig to gig and as soon as I heard their song White Flag I was hooked in straight away. The singer has an almost pop-sounding voice, but they blend that with heavy guitars and massive sounding drums. They've not long released a new album, Dark & Beautiful Secrets, and that's an absolute banger. One of my favourite songs on that is called Holy Water and I think they've mixed the electronic vibe with a rock sound in a way that's just amazing.


They're a Scottish band and I discovered them when we played the Download Pilot last year. I was backstage setting up my drums ready to go on and I literally stopped in my tracks when I heard them onstage. I rushed to the wings and watched their entire performance. Just being there in that moment, at that event, it was such an amazing feeling. Janine Shilstone's voice mixed with the electronic elements and the big rock moments is the perfect mix. After the Pilot I went on the internet and followed them on everything and I've been obsessed with them since!

Like Machines

They're from Atlanta in the U.S. and we toured with them in 2018. They're absolutely awesome guys, so much fun to be around, and I've been listening to them ever since. They've got tons of energy and they bring a great vibe to their shows. They recently released an EP called Supervillain and they've been transitioning into bringing more electronic elements into their sound. The singer has a classic kind of rough rock voice and mixed with the newer elements, it takes it to another level. It sounds amazing.

Hot Milk

This is another band I got into recently and I just absolutely love their whole vibe. I think they sound so fresh and new. It's hard to describe but I love everything about their sound. I haven't seen them live yet but I'm hoping to soon, and I'm super-excited to hear whatever they come up with next. I'd definitely recommend that people check them out.

Stone Broken's album Revelation is released on April 15 via Spinefarm.

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