Now Hear This: Theresa Jarvis on the best alt.rock, weird pop and chilled vibes

YONAKA singer Theresa Jarvis brings you the new bands to check out now, including tiLLie, DELPHii and Sophie And The Giants…

Now Hear This: Theresa Jarvis on the best alt.rock, weird pop and chilled vibes
Theresa Jarvis

I love discovering new bands and new music. I’m definitely guilty of being one of those people who listens to the same thing over and over again, so that can get a bit stale. When I do find something new it’s like, ‘Okay, hang on to that, they’re in my playlist now.’ Live shows have obviously been on hold for a while, but we have this Discord group as one of our channels for communicating with fans and everyone sends us new music they think we might like. That’s always cool, and it’s a nice way to interact with people over a shared love of music.

Here's a few things I've been checking out recently…


My first pick is tiLLie, who is an American artist I really love. We actually toured with her maybe three years ago – it’s hard to remember exactly when everything happened with that lost year and a half. Anyway, she’s amazing and I fell in love with her through this song called Loud Mouth. She’s so fresh and vibrant and just gives off a wicked vibe. She was amazing live when we toured with her, and she’s got a new song out now called Peachie. I absolutely love it, and I’d recommend people to check it out.


DELPHii is one of my best friends, and we’ve known each other for about 10 years. She’s just started releasing music, and even if we weren’t friends I'd find it amazing. It’s got really dreamy vibes, and there are two songs in particular that I absolutely love. One’s called Lilac, which is the title of her debut EP, and another one called Tell Everyone. It’s kinda got a Tame Impala vibe to it, and it’s so beautiful – her voice is just magical. We’ve been best friends for so long that it’s nice to see her doing her thing now.

Sad Night Dynamite

I’ve never seen these guys live, but they’re on the same management as us and YONAKA as a whole band has started getting quite obsessed with them. They’re really cool; it’s really trippy and atmospheric, and they’ve really developed their own sound. Again, there are two songs that I’d recommend people check out to get a taste for them: one’s called Smoke Hole and one’s called Icy Violence.


These guys are based in Brighton like us, and I’ve known them for ages. We’re fans, and they’ve just released a new album called As Blue As Indigo. My favourite track on it is called Stop Beating On My Heart (Like a Bass Drum), but it’s all really good. They’re a three-piece and they’re very much a rock band, but that particular track starts really softly and his voice is really vulnerable. It’s really beautiful, but then they can be very rocky and even a bit doomy as well.

Sophie & The Giants

They’re from Sheffield, and Sophie herself [Sophie Scott, vocals] is a wicked singer. Her songs are always in my head – I really love her! We’ve done a few shows together, and we were sort of coming up at the same time. I’ve watched them from when they started until now, and it’s really nice to see the band grow and for Sophie to find her own voice. They’re more pop with a bit of rock element, but she really knows what she is and I absolutely love it.

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