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Features Goth In The Front: How Marilyn Manson Became A Hip-Hop Icon

A look at how the king of satanic filth metal has earned the respect of a generation of rap artists.

The News Hear Dalmatian, The Terrifying New Rap Project From King Woman's Kris Esfandiari

Plus, read an interview with Kris Esfandiari about the new side project.

The News I Set My Friends On Fire Team Up With Rapper Lil Lotus For Genre-Crushing EP

Listen to Online Now!, the multi-layered new collaboration between I Set My Friends On Fire and rapper Lil Lotus.

The News Check Out Corey Taylor's New Collaboration With Rapper Kid Bookie

Listen to rapper Kid Bookie’s new collaboration with Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor, titled Stuck In My Ways.

The News Here's Rapper Denzel Curry's Version Of Rage Against The Machine's Bulls On Parade

The RATM guys would approve of Denzel Curry’s furious rendition of Bulls On Parade.

Features 5 SoundCloud Rappers That Metalheads Need To Know About

Heavy metal and hip-hop are a match made in hell.

The News Green Day Are In The New Drake Video, Sort Of

Green Day make an appearance in the video for Drake’s new track Look Alive.

Video Watch Post Malone Perform Nirvana's All Apologies

Way back in September Post Malone performed cover of Nirvana’s All Apologies at the House of Blues in Boston.

Features From Lil Peep To Paramore, Emo And Rap Have Been Related For Years

Punk’s not just been going crunk” for the laughs – for ages, hip-hop’s been an influence on so many chart-conquering alternative bands. We dig into that history, here.

The News Juiceboxxx Unveils New Track, Guts And Tension

Guts And Tension is a punk rap song about being true to yourself.”