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Machine Head’s Robb Flynn Calls Out Phil Anselmo

Inside the Phil Anselmo racist video footage that shocked the metal community…
Robb Flynn Pantera Video

Robb Flynn has posted a scathing critique of Phil Anselmo.

In a remarkable video titled ‘Racism In Metal’, the Machine Head frontman has taken a broadside at ex-Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo. The video responds to the YouTube footage that emerged on Thursday January 28 that showed Phil Anselmo closing the annual Dimebash all-star benefit concert by delivering a Nazi salute and saying “white power” – you can watch the footage below.

Kerrang! reached out to Phil Anselmo’s representatives who’ve said there is no official comment at the time of this story’s publication. However, speaking in the comments of said YouTube video showing the event itself, Phil – posting under the account of his Housecore Records imprint – claimed his actions were the result of an “inside joke” stemming from “drinking fucking white wine”. You can read his full statement below.

Phil Twitter 20161

This is, notably, an excuse that Robb Flynn has decisively rejected in his 11-minute video. Speaking on the subject, Robb says: “It’s not okay to scream out white power and then brush it off as a fucking joke about white wine, especially when there was none. The fact of the matter is, I was there at Dimebash – had a great time. And upon going backstage I bumped into Phil, and decided to strike up a short conversation as we were gonna play a couple of Pantera songs together… within 30 seconds of sitting down and talking to him, his drunk ass decided to let me know in no uncertain terms that he hated the ‘N****r era’ of Machine Head, referring to our third and fourth albums. He ‘hated every second of it’… I just laughed in his face, and went, ‘you are gonna sit there and judge me for the way I looked back in the day, for the music I was making back in the day? Pot meet kettle.’

Continuing, Robb goes on to explain why he’s speaking out on the incident when so many bands haven’t – while also taking a swipe at members of the metal community who defended Anselmo in online forums.

The reason I feel so strongly about responding is because I had to stand on fucking stage with you, and granted I wasn’t on that stage anymore, when you said all that stupid shit – no, I was only onstage when we were playing New Level and you were Sieg Heiling, like you’ve done forever now. And nobody calls you on it, no bands call you on it. I’ve spoken to people on so many tours, like ‘Why don’t you call him on it? Phil Anselmo’s up there Sieg Heiling and mouthing the words ‘white power’, why don’t you call him on it?’ ‘Oh, because I love Pantera man, and who wants to start shit with him?’ Exactly. Who wants to start shit with you? You’re a big bully. A big scary dude. But enough’s enough.”

If you weren’t offended by that, fuck you! Fuck you. Fuck you. There’s no place for that in metal, and if there is a place for that in metal, count me out. Count me out. Goodbye Phil Anselmo – I’ll never be playing another Pantera song again, as long as I live. And to the metal community that backs this bull shit. See ya later, count me out. I want no part of this anymore.”

You can watch Robb’s full video in full below, and don’t forget to leave us your comments.

For more on this story, pick up Kerrang! on February 3 and stay posted for developments online.

Posted on January 29th 2016, 7:22pm
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