You Can Get Metallised Furby Shirts Now

2020 isn't a total catastrophe after all...

You Can Get Metallised Furby Shirts Now

Merch crossovers are awesome. Especially with toys. Like, you can get Ghost action figures, a Marilyn Manson Funko POP!, and Metallica jigsaws. Kudos, then, to enterprising Teepublic users Sevencrow and Rubberhorse, who have come up with designs that blend those two classic bedfellows, Furbies and metal.

The question, though: do they make metal more soft and cuddly? Or Furbies more evil?

Here's Rubberhorse's one...

And here's Sevencrow's...

Of course, you need one, or perhaps both, of these immediately. Pick up your choice here and here.

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