Check Out Shania Twain And Marilyn Manson Performing Together On Man I Feel Beautiful

...well, not really, but sort of.

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Marilyn Manson and Shania Twain have probably met in real life. 

As musicians of a similar scale at the beginning of the century, they've almost certainly encountered each other at an awards ceremony, or  maybe they've got mutual friends - it seems possible that someone like Dave Navarro would be friends with both of them, doesn't it? - or maybe the two of them ended up in the same hotel while both on tour in a city neither of them had been to before. Maybe that resulted in a Lost In Translation-style couple of days together stuck in some strange part of Wyoming, and now sometimes they text, waxing nostalgic about how weird it was that the concierge at the Cheyenne Radisson had never heard of hummus before. 

One wonders if at any point during these totally hypothetical scenarios the two of them ever considered a collaboration. Probably not. The two performers' audiences wouldn't stand for it: at the height of their respective powers, Shania attracted a lot of Christian moms and Marilyn Manson attracted the sullen, wayward teens that those Christian moms warned their kids about. The whole thing would've been a PR disaster for everyone.

While objectively it's a good thing for everyone that this collaboration never happened, it is also something we'd be curious to hear.

Thank God, then, for editing software and resourceful people like DJ Cummerbund, who mashed together Shania's Man, I Feel Like A Woman and Manson's Beautiful People, so that we can imagine a world where a platonic but deeply caring friendship borne of a weekend snowed in at a chain hotel with poor catering resulted in an unselfconscious musical collaboration called Man I Feel Beautiful.


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