Check Out This Epic New Marilyn Manson Photobook, 21 Years In Hell

21 Years In Hell, an awesome new Marilyn Manson photobook by the legendary Perou, is arriving very soon.

Check Out This Epic New Marilyn Manson Photobook, 21 Years In Hell

Not only is there seemingly a "masterpiece" of a new Marilyn Manson album on the way this year, there's also an epic photobook of The God Of Fuck coming very soon, too.

The tome documents 21 Years In Hell according to its title, and is by legendary snapper Perou – an artist who has photographed Manson endless times over the years, from 1998 right up until the present day, including several shoots for the cover of Kerrang! magazine.

A statement on the book reads: “21 Years In Hell follows Manson and Perou on the musician’s world tours, on shoots across the globe from Moscow to Berlin, nightclubs in London and at Manson’s home above a liquor store on Santa Monica Boulevard.

“As the pair piece together the last two decades, they cover everything from guns, baked beans, family, religion and Columbine.”

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“I often get asked, ‘Who was your favourite person to photograph?’ or, ‘Who is the best person you’ve photographed?’” Perou says on Reel Art Press’ website. “It’s always, ‘Marilyn Manson.’ Which is just as well, considering how many times I’ve photographed him.”

Not only does 21 Years In Hell feature “350 photographs including previously unpublished work, conceptual portraits, onstage and informal behind-the-scenes images”, there is also conversational text between the two friends throughout, discussing both their collective and individual histories.

“I just remember the first time you showed up you had more rings than me,” says Manson. “You look still, and did at the time, like you were going to be in that movie Romper Stomper: bomber jacket, high laced boots, fully British, barely understandable.”

He later reflects: “I became automatically comfortable around you and that’s the most important part.”

21 Years In Hell will be released in June. Pre-order it here, and check out the cover below:

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