Norma Jean announce a tour of house shows

The almighty Norma Jean will tour a series of houses and basements later this year.

Norma Jean announce a tour of house shows

Just last year, metalcore heavyweights Norma Jean played to a sweaty dive bar packed with a select group of their fans as part of our Brooklyn K! Pit series. Now, the event has apparently inspired the band, as they've decided to embark on a U.S. tour of house shows throughout the American south.

The trek, dubbed the Do The Neighbors Like You? tour, will start in Atlanta and wind its way through the south, playing -- as far as we can tell -- a series of houses and basements. Whether any of these brilliantly-titled venues are actually venues, or whether they're all literally people's homes, remains to be seen, but if it's the latter, this should be pretty unforgettable.

Throw a coffee maker across a room at one of the following dates:


21 Atlanta, GA – Mac’s Basement (feat. Challenger Deep, The Callous Daoboys & Holy+Gold)
22 Nashville, TN – That 70’s House (feat. Moru & Idle Threat)
23 Louisville, KY – Friends Mansion (feat. Guerilla Warfare & Foxbat)
24 Memphis, TN – Pagan Moms House (feat. What We Do In Secret & Barren Secret)
25 Little Rock, AR – Eyes Up House (feat. My Hands To War)
26 Tulsa, OK – Barkingham Palace (feat. Tell Lies)
27 Oklahoma City, OK – Afro House (feat. Naturalist, The Darkness I Was Free)
28 Dallas, TX – Ferda House (feat. Frost Koffin)
29 Van Buren, AR – The Carpet Shop (feat. Bones Of The Earth & Vangoons)

To get a taste of what you'll be seeing at a Norma Jean house show, check out our K! Pit video with the band below:

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Meanwhile, from what Norma Jean's Cory Brandan told us about his high school days, the band are pr

“Oh yes. In high school, I went to a school that’s kind of out in the country a little bit, and me and my friend were skater kids who didn’t really belong," Cory told us as part of our 13 Questions series. "We got in fights with the teachers, like full on they wanted to meet us like they were going to school, too, to fight us. It was pretty brutal going to school there. Someone in our group got in a fight at least once a week. And it got really crazy. I got hit with a broom by one of the teachers, and my mom found out and it turned into a really big deal. We got banned from all the assemblies after that and we weren’t allowed to do anything extra outside of classes. And the teacher got away with it.

"I got called to the principal’s office, which is kind of rare – you usually get called to the vice-principal’s office when you get in trouble, so going to the principal’s office, something’s really going on," he continued. "I sat down and he yelled at me, like, ‘I took care of it – is that good enough for you?!’ And I was like, ‘I guess.’ I had no idea what was going on, but my mom had gone down there and lost her mind and threatened to sue and all that stuff, but I didn’t know any of that had happened, so I was just like ‘I don’t know. Why are you asking me? I’m like 14!’ It sucked. But I’m fine.”

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