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Here's The Full Plot Of Alice In Chains' New Movie, Black Antenna

Now that the first two episodes of Alice In Chains’ serialized film Black Antenna are out, the full plot has been revealed, and man, does it sound cool…

Features A Mind-Bogglingly Deep Dive Into Alien Ant Farm's Movies Video

Did you order an in-depth analysis of Alien Ant Farm’s Movies video? Well, here it is anyway!

Features The 12 Best Metalhead Characters In Pop Culture

Here are the 12 fictional characters who best represent heavy metal fans in TV and movies…

Features 2WEI Are Masters Of The Epic Movie Trailer Cover Song

Heard the bombastic cover of Smoke On The Water in the new Hellboy trailer? You have epic composer team 2WEI to thank for it…

Rob Zombie Completes New Movie 3 From Hell

The rock star and director’s Firefly Family trilogy is now officially wrapped.

Features 13 Kickass Horror Soundtracks To Amplify Your Halloween

Sick and tired of Thriller? Sink your fangs into this collection of hard rock anthems and killer riffs from some of your favorite gore flicks.

Trent Reznor And Atticus Ross Reinterpret The Halloween Theme

John Carpenter’s Anthology: Movie Themes 1974 – 1998, a collection of his classic movie themes, is set for release next Friday, October 20 via Sacred Bones.

The New IT Movie Is Putting Real Clowns Out Of Work

This is no laughing matter. (He says, stifling a chuckle.)