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Features The 10 Sexiest Type O Negative Songs

On the anniversary of Bloody Kisses’ release, we rank the 10 most panty-dropping songs Type O Negative ever wrote.

Features The Legacy Of Type O Negative, Album By Album

On the anniversary of Pete Steele’s death, we look at what made each of Type O Negative’s seven studio albums some of metal’s least worst releases.

Features The Pete Steele I Knew: A Dry-Witted Giant Who Played The Press At Their Own Game

On the tenth anniversary of Pete Steele’s death, K! writer Jason Arnopp remembers his various encounters with the Type O Negative frontman

Features 10 Of The Most Distinctive Band Aesthetics In Rock And Metal

Here are 10 bands whose visual styles are as iconic as their music.

Features Sweetleaf Coffee Hosts Black Sabbath Tribute With Members Of Type O Negative

At Sweetleaf’s Greenpoint location this past Friday the 13th, Sal Abruscato (A Pale Horse Named Death) and Kenny Hickey (Silvertomb) played back-to-back sets honoring the Gods of Doom

Features How We Wrote I Don't Wanna Be Me, By Type O Negative's Kenny Hickey

Type O Negative’s master guitarist Kenny Hickey gives us the lowdown on their 2003 hit, I Don’t Wanna Be Me

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Here are 10 compilation albums worthy of spots within major bands’ discographies.

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To celebrate the greatest night of the year, here are 20 tracks about Halloween proper.

Features 5 Dark and Sexy Songs For The Bedroom From 3TEETH's Alexis Mincolla

3TEETH frontman Alexis Mincolla gives us his top 5 tracks for getting dark in the bedroom.

The News Listen To Trivium Cover Type O Negative's I Don't Wanna Be Me

Trivium have released their take on Type O Negative’s 2003 hit

Features 5 Reasons Peter Steele Of Type O Negative Is The Ultimate Goth Boyfriend

Eight years after his death, goth metal frontman Peter Steele continues to warm the hearts (and other parts) of spooky headbangers worldwide.