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The News Silverstein Announce 20th Anniversary Livestream

Silverstein are planning something special to celebrate their anniversary next month

Features Silverstein And Self-Destruction: The Redemption Of Shane Told

For two decades, Silverstein provided frontman Shane Told with a nomadic and destructive lifestyle that kept adulthood at bay, paired with enough noise to help drown out his very real inner struggles. Now it’s time for reflection, growing up and the pursuit of health and happiness…

Features Silverstein's Shane Told: It's Good That Rock Stars Don't Exist Anymore

The rock star as we know it is dead. And, says Silverstein frontman Shane Told, that’s a damn good thing…

Reviews Album Review: Silverstein – A Beautiful Place To Drown

Silverstein keep it familiar with their 11th album A Beautiful Place To Drown

Features Every Silverstein Album Ranked From Worst To Best By Frontman Shane Told

Shane Told of Ontario screamo legends Silverstein ranks the band’s albums from worst to best.

Features Farewell, Warped Tour: An Account From One Of The Festival’s Last Shows

With boots on the ground (and in the air), we say goodbye to the Festival of a Generation.