Is Marilyn Manson Teasing A New Album?

Marilyn Manson gets cryptic on Instagram – is a new record on the way?

Is Marilyn Manson Teasing A New Album?

Marilyn Manson has shared a cryptic image on his Instagram, perhaps hinting at a new full-length album.

This would be Mazza's eleventh studio album, following 2017's Heaven Upside Down.

The image of a frequency wave is accompanied by a Latin phrase and some rather interesting hashtags. The caption "Omnes surdus es et nunc audite me..." roughly translates to "All deaf and now you hear me," which could be hinting toward new music from Manson. The hashtags #2020 and #youhavenoideawhatiscoming also have an air of anticipation for new material, but he has also included #antichristsuperstar and #blacksabbathbornagain.

Born Again was Sabbath's eleventh studio album, much like Manson's next will be, which could be a clue? His Antichrist Superstar album is celebrating its 24th anniversary this year, which doesn't lend itself so much to an anniversary tour, but The God Of Fuck doesn't tend to play by the rules.

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In April last year, Marilyn said that his upcoming album was more than half completed.

The following July, he added that he wouldn't compare his new record to another of his other albums.

“I’m in a mode in life where I wanted to tell stories with this record, and it’s sort of like a wax museum of my thoughts, a study of the chamber of horrors in my head," said Marilyn. "All the romance and hope you can have in the world, here in the End Times where it can be a different kind of apocalypse for each person listening to the record.

“I tried to paint it with words, and Shooter [Jennings] with sounds, so you can see and hear all of your longing, your passion and despair.

“That’s sort of a dramatic explanation of it! But it is full of drama. I wouldn’t compare it to any of my other records, but you hear a bit of everything. It’s like I’ve focused everything into one spot, finally.”

Shooter Jennings, who Manson mentioned, was tagged in the Instagram teaser image. As was Black Sabbath, photographer Lindsay Elizabeth Usich and director Gaspar Noe.

Marilyn Manson was scheduled to support Ozzy Osbourne across the United States this spring, but the tour has currently been postponed while Ozzy received treatment in Switzerland.

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