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The News Behemoth celebrate The Satanist anniversary with The Seven Seals NFT collection

Nergal and co. have teamed up with artist Rowan E. Cassidy for their own line of non-fungible tokens…

The News Behemoth's Nergal has been found guilty of “offending religious feelings” by a court in Poland

Behemoth mainman Nergal is contesting a Polish court’s guilty charge of offending religious feelings”.

Features 8 times rock stars massively failed at dating

As it’s Valentine’s Day, here are some romantic mishaps courtesy of Limp Bizkit, All Time Low, Behemoth and more!

The News Behemoth’s Nergal accused of "offending religious feelings" in new blasphemy charge

Frankly, I’m sure I will win this and every other case,” Nergal responds about the charge – which claims that he publicly insulted the object of Christian religious worship”.

Features 10 bands who wouldn't be here without Slayer

Slayer are the true embodiment of metal and their impact can be heard across the past four decades of bands that came in their wake. Here are just 10 who danced in the raining blood…

Features 13 of the greatest metal songs from late in a band’s career

Here are 13 times that metal bands proved they were still changing the game.

The News Behemoth Announce UK/Ireland Tour With Arch Enemy And Carcass

Behemoth and Arch Enemy will tour the UK and Ireland next year with Carcass and Unto Others

Features The 50 most evil songs ever

These 50 tracks – featuring the likes of Rammstein, Slipknot, Mayhem, Slayer and AC/DC – are pretty damn nasty.

Features 13 Of The Best Covers Performed During Lockdown

While the world was locked down, this lot were busy paying tribute to their heroes…

Features Flaming Crosses And Naked Sacrifices: Behemoth's Livestream Was A Celebration Of Blasphemy

Behemoth’s cinematic In Absentia Dei pushed the boundaries of livestreaming and religious decency

Features Behemoth's Church Livestream Will Be "Raw And Sacrilegious In Every F*cking Way Possible"

Nergal promises that God will be taking a day off when Behemoth take over a Polish church for their epic livestream

The News Behemoth Announce In Absentia Dei Livestream From A Church

Behemoth with broadcast the show from A secret church location’ next month